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TEAM 2016-2017

Emmanuelle LeBlanc


Hi! My name is Emma and I’m an undergraduate student in Pharmacology at McGill. This is my third year with Beyond Me, as both a member of the executive team and a mentor for an incredible little boy. From the first day I participated in a Beyond Me event I was amazed by how wonderful everybody involved was, from the dedicated executive team, to the enthusiastic mentors and cheerful buddies they had. I love the idea of having an ongoing personal relationship with a child from my community and their family, combined with occasional group events to discover all the people that are empowered by these amazing friendships. I am so excited to be Co-President again this year and have the opportunity to be with Beyond Me in its largest and best year yet!

Rockey Chen


Why, hello there! My name is Rockey and I’m a medical student at McGill. 

I have had much experience working with children, which has taught me much about what it means to build a relationship, to be a caretaker, and to admire and learn from children. In this third year of mine with Beyond Me, I’m ecstatic to be Co-Presidents with Emma. We aim to make the Beyond Me community even more wonderful for the executive team, the volunteers, the participating families, and of course the children. This year with Beyond Me is going to be phenomenal!

Grace Loten

VP External

Hola amigos!! My name is Grace. I am in my 4th year, also at McGill… This will be my second year on the Executive team and my third as a volunteer with my buddy. As VP External I will try to make the best possible pairings and I will be the one to whom the mentors can send your hours and any inquiries you may have! I also serve as the main liaison between the executive and our partner schools and any other new recruitment. Look forward to making this year the best one yet!

Email: (log your hours here!)

Belal Dahab

VP Internal

Hey Friends, I'm your VP Internal for this academic year! I am going to be taking care of a few behind the scene things like funding as well as building a strong community between all the mentors. I want to be your guy for any problems you may have with your buddy, or if you just want to chat about strategies and ideas for improving your relationship let me know. I hope I can get to know as many of you as possible through the monthly meetings and our mentor appreciation events. Outside Beyond Me, I am a huge soccer fan, love listening to music and I just joined the McGill Novice Rowing Team

Aanika Rahman

VP Communications

Salut mes amis! As your VP Communications, I will keep you updated on all things Beyond Me mainly through our listserv, Facebook page, and our website; and reply to most of your general queries. I am a U1 Mathematics and Computer Science student who loves photography, dancing for no reason, and anything artsy. Having hung out at a nursery often after school for over a decade, mentored students, and helped lead a playgroup for kids with autism in high school, I could not help but continue something of this very nature here in Montreal. Thanks to Beyond Me, not only do I have an awesome kid to call a friend, but have also been given the privilege to work with the rad Beyond Me Team of 2016-2017! I also hope to meet more of you lovely folks throughout the year.

Laurence Panneton

VP Finance

Hi Y’all! I’m a U3 Anatomy and Cell Biology Major here at McGill. If I had to describe myself in three words they would probably have to be compassionate, open-minded and creative all of which are integral to Beyond Me’s mantra! I’ve always loved to work closely with children and to nurture an ongoing relationship with them. I think that in doing so I have learned to approach the world with “clear eyes and a full heart”. We have an amazing family here at Beyond Me and I hope that you’ll join us in making this year memorable for everyone and I look forward to meeting all of you amazing community inspirations!

Olga Tsyruk

VP Organization

Hello! My name is Olga and I am a U1 Anatomy and Cell Biology Honours student. I love children, hiking, research, animals and the heart. This will be my first year working with Beyond Me and I am super excited! I have had extensive experience working with children from babysitting to teaching. It has allowed me to see things from a different perspective, to laugh and to get creative. Helping children is the most rewarding experience in my opinion. What I love about Beyond Me is mentors’ personal approach to children, which leads to extraordinary personal relationships. As VP organization this year I hope to make a great addition to the wonderful executive team!

Kymberly Reid

Campus Coordinator

Hi there! My name is Kymberly, I am a fourth year Anthro student at McGill and this is my first year as an exec! I am the campus coordinator for the year so I will be in charge of reaching out to other organisations in Montreal to plan Disability Awareness Day as well as other events this year. I am really excited to be a part of the Beyond Me Family and look forward to the rest of the year!

Ece Albayrak

VP Fundraising Events (Winter 2017)

Hey! I’m Ece Albayrak. I’m in my second undergraduate year in McGill. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Behavioural Science. I am a member of Beyond Me for two years now and I have an amazing buddy called AJ, which happens to be my nickname as well. I have been involved in volunteer work for more than 6 years now with different groups of people. What I love about Beyond Me is that it provides a sweet opportunity for working with kids and influencing them in a way that can help them throughout their whole life along with meeting other students of McGill. As VP Fundraising Events, I am hoping to contribute to our budget to plan even better organizations throughout the semester with new ideas to raise money.

Alexandra Papadakis

VP Group Events (Winter 2017)

Hello! My name is Alexandra and I am a U2 Anatomy and Cell Biology student at McGill. This is my first year as a member of the Beyond Me team. I’m very excited to help with the event planning! I enjoy volunteering with children because  they are energetic, happy and open minded. I believe we can learn from them just as much as they can learn form us!

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