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TEAM 2018-2019


Ece Albayrak 


Hey! I’m Ece Albayrak. I’m a senior undergraduate in McGill. I am majoring in Psychology and Sociology and minoring in Behavioural Science. I have been a member of Beyond Me for four years now and I have an amazing buddy called AJ, which happens to be my nickname as well. I have been involved in volunteer work for more than 9 years now with different groups of people. What I love about Beyond Me is that it provides a sweet opportunity for working with kids and influencing them in a way that can help them throughout their whole life along with meeting other students of McGill. This year, I am one of the co-presidents. Janson and I will be overseeing all operations of the Exec team and provide help for all our members.


Janson Kappen 


Hey folks! My name is Janson and I’m a U1 student at McGill. It’s my second year as a mentor to my incredible buddy and friend Adam, and my first semester as a co-president with AJ! Our amazing exec team hopes to continue to foster and build more strong relationships between our wonderful mentors and buddies. I’m really excited for this year with Beyond Me - we have many fun activities planned for our buddies and mentors (including bowling and ceramics day!) If you’d like to become a part of the Beyond Me community, fill out the registration forms above for parents or new mentors!


Chloe Pronovost-Morgan

VP Internal

Hello! My name is Chloé and I’m an honours Psychology student at McGill. This is my third year with Beyond Me, first as a member, then as VP Fundraising and now as VP Internal. I also continue to mentor my buddy, whom I met in first year. Beyond Me has taught me a simple message: building meaningful relationships takes time and effort, but it is worth it without a doubt. As a VP Internal, I work to match McGill students with children with disabilities. It is always so inspiring to get updates on how the matches are going, and how special they are in their own ways. I love the cause and hope you join us so it continues to flourish!
You can reach me at


Stephanie Rohn 

VP Campus Coordinator

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am a third year microbiology and immunology student at McGill. I joined Beyond Me first as a mentor, and I am now in charge of planning events on campus that raise awareness about different disabilities. These include introduction to ASL, vision loss sensitization, and the spread the word campaign. I look forward to the rest of the year with Beyond Me!

beyone me lily.jpg

Lily Sul

VP Communications


Hey! My name is Lily and I'm a U1 anatomy and cell bio major at McGill. This is my first year with Beyond Me and I'm super excited to be working with this group of passionate, diligent individuals! As the VP Communications, I'm responsible for sending listservs, keeping all of our social media platforms up-to-date, as well as responding to general inquiries about the organization. Looking forward to all the events we have planned for this year!


Elizabeth Beauclair

VP Ambassador Director

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a U2 French literature student at McGill. I joined Beyond Me as a mentor last year as a way to get involved during my studies and found it to be really rewarding. As the Ambassador Coordinator, with the help of our amazing Ambassadors, I’ll compile everyone’s hours dedicated to the organisation. I’m really excited to be a part of Beyond Me and I’m looking forward to meet all of you guys at one of our events. I truly hope that it’ll bring you as much as it has to me.

victoria 1.jpg

Victoria Carenso

VP Fundraising

Hey! I’m Victoria Carenso, I’m majoring in Physiology and am currently in my second year at McGill. I’ve been a mentor for Beyond Me since I arrived at McGill and it truly is one of the best experience I ever had. My buddy is incredible and I am so happy I can help him and his family in their daily routine. I’ve joined the executive team in fall 2018 as I wanted to have more impact in the club and participate in the making of events. I’m very happy to be fundraiser and I enjoy a lot coming up with ideas to raise money! Looking forward to meet you in the group!


Mara Westerndorp

VP Events

Hey Everyone! My name is Mara and I am in my fourth year at McGill in Anatomy and Cell Biology. This is my second year on the executive team and I also have a wonderful buddy! I am the VP Events this year, and am planning lots of fun events for you and your buddies to participate in. It has been great getting to know all of the Mentors and Buddies at the events this school year so far and seeing the positive impact our program is making in the community. I look forward to meeting many more of you at future events!


Lianne Simon 

VP Organization

Hello! My name is Lianne and I am a second year student majoring in biology. This is my first year working with the Beyond Me team and I am very excited! I love working with children because, as past experiences have shown me, they can truly bring out the best in us. What I love about Beyond Me is how it allows mentors to form a genuine friendship with a wonderful child and their family. I am so happy to be a part of the Beyond Me team and look forward to all of the amazing things we’re going to do this year!

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