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TEAM 2019-2020

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Victoria Carenso


Hey! I'm Victoria Carenso, I'm majoring in Physiology and am currently in my third year at McGill. I've been a mentor for Beyond Me since I arrived at McGill and it truly is one of the best experience I ever had. My buddy is incredible and I am so happy I can help him and his family in their daily routine. I've joined the executive team in fall 2019 as I wanted to have more impact in the club and participate in the making of the events. After one year as the VP Fundraising I am now Co-Pres for this year and can't wait for this incredible opportunity to keep on the good work for the club! Looking forward to meet you at our events!


Janson Kappen 


Hey folks! My name is Janson and I’m a U2 student at McGill. It’s my third year as a mentor to my incredible buddy and friend Adam, and my second semester as a co-president! Our amazing exec team hopes to continue to foster and build more strong relationships between our wonderful mentors and buddies. I’m really excited for this year with Beyond Me - we have many fun activities planned for our buddies and mentors (including bowling and ceramics day!) If you’d like to become a part of the Beyond Me community, fill out the registration forms above for parents or new mentors!


Tolga Ercan

VP Internal

Hey everyone! My name is Tolga, I’m a U2 student at McGill. I’m a Psychology major and I also minor in Economics and Behavioral Science. It’s my second year as a mentor to my awesome buddy Joseph and my first year as the VP Internal. Beyond Me is an amazing club where you get to mentor and spend time with kids but most importantly, have lots of fun. The main goal of our exec team is to strengthen the friendship between our cool mentors and sweet buddies and plan super exciting activities in which we all have a great time. As the VP Internal, I’ll be matching McGill students with children with disabilities. The best part of my job is to get to see the progress between the buddies and the mentors. It’s a hard process that needs commitment, but the friendship you end up having is worth everything! Looking forward to seeing you among us.


Lou Veteau  

VP External

Hi! My name is Lou Veteau, I am French and American, and I am a third year in psychology and behavioral science at McGill. I joined Beyond Me as a mentor this year. I am also in charge of planning events on campus that raise awareness about different disabilities, such as introduction to ASL and the "Spread The Word" campaign. I look forward to the rest of the year with Beyond Me and hopefully meeting you in our future events!

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Lily Sul

VP Communications


Hey! My name is Lily and I'm a U2 anatomy and cell bio major at McGill. This is my second year with Beyond Me as the VP Communications and as before, I'm responsible for our listservs and other social media platforms. I'm super excited to be working with our team to host a variety of events this year and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! 


Lianne Simon 

VP Fundraising 

Hello! I’m Lianne and I am a third year student majoring in biology. I am very excited to be working with the Beyond Me team this year! I love working with children because I have seen firsthand how they can truly bring out the best in us. What I love most about Beyond Me is how it facilitates the formation of genuine, long-term friendships between mentors and their wonderful buddies. I am so happy to be a part of the Beyond Me team as VP Fundraising and look forward to raising money to put towards the planning of fun events for all of our mentors and buddies to enjoy!


Chloe Aboud 

VP Finance 


Hey! I’m Chloe Aboud, I’m in my third year at McGill studying Economics and International Development. I’ve been with Beyond Me for two years; I started off as a mentor and now I’m VP finance. I can’t imagine what my McGill experience would’ve been like without taking the time to see my buddy Leo! Beyond Me is a great initiative because it allows you to build really meaningful relationships with different members of the Montreal community, and really create a positive impact within the greater sphere of the city. I’m looking forward to the events and meeting you all this year.


Celia Jarweh 

VP Events

Hello! My name is Celia and I am a third year Pharmacology student at McGill. This is my first year with Beyond Me and I am super excited to join the team! As VP Events, I will be in charge of planning all sorts of fun activities for the mentors and their buddies. I have had a lot of experience working with children and I really enjoyed it as they tend to have such a fun and positive outlook on life. By joining the team, I hope to contribute positively to the nurture of the friendships between the mentors and their buddies. Looking forward to a great year!

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Sophie Booth 

VP Finance 

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m in my fourth year at McGill, studying psychology. I have been working with children with autism since I was in middle school, so I’m really passionate about continuing to support children and teens with disabilities. I am VP Organization this semester and will be taking over for VP Finance when Chloe goes on exchange next semester. I’m really excited to be on the exec team in my last year at McGill and looking forward to a great year with Beyond Me!


Félicia Proteau-Fortin

VP Communication


Hi! My name is Felicia & I am a U2 McGill student majoring in Psychology & Sociology. My buddy October is an awesome and simply extraordinary person & we always have unique adventures and great laughs. It is my first semester as VP Communication as well as my second year as a Beyond Me mentor. If you are looking for a way to have a great time and help others develop social, physical or human skills, Beyond Me is truly the place to go. The members are excellent at mentoring the children & are really nice people to hang out with. Look up at the website to see for yourself! See you then !


Charlotte Goldberger

VP Outreach


Hi! My name is Charlotte and I’m a U0 in Arts. I want to major in Philosophy and Sociology. I joined Beyond Me as a mentor this year and have had the pleasure to work with an awesome kid! I look forward to helping Beyond Me raise awareness about the special-needs community and partnering mentees with awesome mentors like you.

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