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-1- Engage Youth and Families
-2- Empower Self-Growth
-3- Encourage Communication
-4- Enhance Perception
-5- Experience Community

Beyond Me is a student-run non-profit organization from McGill University with a mandate to provide a fun and flexible one-on-one mentoring program for children and teenagers with special needs. Beyond Me was established in 2011, and the organization has grown rapidly since then and now works with four organizations that cater to young people with disabilities.

Beyond Me gives a student with special needs and a student volunteer from McGill the opportunity to be paired and develop a rewarding relationship. Our network of volunteers have a diverse set of skills, experience and interests, which allows Beyond Me to match volunteers with buddies who share their interests and who would most benefit from working with that volunteer.

Our volunteers work closely with the family of their "buddy" in order to provide the best form of mentoring they can. This can involve tutoring, homework help, arts and crafts, language and play stimulation, developing social skills, going on fun outings around Montreal and more. We also aid in the socialization of our buddies by planning various child- and teen- friendly events (e.g. Biodome adventures, cooking event, carnival day).

A student group of the SSMU, an undergraduate students’ society at McGill University.

Check an overview of our wonderful organization here! :

Our mandate is composed of the 5 E's, through which, we work to accomplish the following: provide inclusive activities and events for youth, McGill Students, and their family members, encounter life lessons and gaining confidence which go beyond the length of the mentorship, create a bridge between the mentor, the mentee and the schools, break down the public's misconceptions by emphasizing our similarities as we build relationships, and give opportunity for mentor and mentee to be active members of the Montreal Community.

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