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Beyond Me, SwimAbility and Best Buddies invite you to join us in a nationwide campaign that aims to promote inclusivity and eliminate the derogatory term that is used so often in this city: 'Retard(ed)’.

When: March 21-22 (12:30-16:30), March 23 (14:00-17:00)

Where: SSMU Kiosk

With: Beyond Me, Best Buddies and SwimAbility

This campaign seeks to educate and empower people in the McGill community to take a stand against this dehumanizing term that offends and belittles both people with and without disabilities. The R-Word, which has grown to carry so many negative connotations, is the same as any other minority slur and should be treated that way.

However, McGill students alone cannot spread the word. Please partner with us in informing the Montreal community on the offensive and discriminatory use of the R-word and help us Spread the Word to End the Word. Stay updated on our Facebook page and don't forget to submit your pledge!

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