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Each month, we highlight an individual who has shone within the Beyond Me family based on their level of commitment, participation, hours, and enthusiasm! We introduced this MOTM recognition program beginning of Winter 2016. Take a peek at our past featured mentors!

Jaimi Plater

September 2021

In addition to being a full-time executive member at Beyond Me, Jaimi spend some wonderful time with her buddy ! Continue the great work :) !

EmmaGrace Acardi

April & May 2021

EmmaGrace always gives her amazing best as she does her mentoring and tutoring work! Awesome job as always!

Owen Lin

March 2021

Amazing work Owen! You've outdone yourself this month! Your amazing work has been outlined and recognized by everyone, including the buddies and the parents! Continue the great work!

Anita Chander

February 2021

Thank you Anita, for your amazing work! Your dynamism, enthusiasm, efforts and general joyfulness have really impacted the relationship with your buddy! Continue the wonderful work!

Jaimi Plater

January 2021

Jami strikes Mentor of the month AGAIN! She does amazing work with her buddy and is an amazing executive member to have in our team! She is definitely a role model for other mentors! Keep up the great work Jaimi!

Taylor Joron

December 2020


Great work Taylor! There were many compliments addressed toward you! Continue your great work, as always!

Gwyneth West

November 2020

Great work Gwyneth! You put in a huge amount of hours with your buddy this month! Continue your amazing work!

EmmaGrace Arcadi

October 2020 

EmmaGrace Arcadi is a U1 kinesiology student who aspires to one day become an occupational therapist. She looks forward to her weekly meetings with her buddy and always tries to come up with new virtual games and activities that they can both enjoy! She is passionate about making a change and loves being a part of BeyondMe.

Tolga Ercan

September 2020 


There was a lot of singing and dancing for Joseph and Tolga this month. They also played a lot with Joseph's favorite toy cars and of course, a lot of rough housing. Tolga was also really happy to see how much Joseph has improved for their intense soccer and football matches they play together.

Jaimi Plater

July & August 2020

Jaimi and her buddy learned how to adapt to the situation of the pandemic and meet virtually! They play games over zoom and read together twice a week :)

Sabrina Rao

June 2020

In their virtual meetings, Sabrina and her buddy had a great time trying out new Zumba dances and playing different games together. Having recently graduated, Sabrina really enjoyed her time as a mentor at Beyond Me. She had a lot of fun getting to know her buddy and spending time with him this past year, and is grateful to have been part of Beyond Me!

Brittany Ng

May 2020 

Brittany and her buddy have been partnered together for around a year now! They have done lots of cool things together - such as bowling, bike riding, and playing in the snow. When COVID-19 hit, Brittany had to go back home (in Ontario), so she was not able to see him in person... but, they Zoom called and kept in touch! They both look forward to being buddies again this year despite it being online :)

Sabrina Rao

March & April 2020

From October to the beginning of March, Sabrina and her buddy had the chance to do a lot of fun activities together, like playing games at the arcade, watching movies, bowling, and going to the mall. When in-person meetings became hard due to COVID-19, Sabrina and her buddy decided to continue meeting virtually. This gave them a chance to try exciting new activities together, like Zumba!

Madeleine Caravaggio 

February 2020

Congratulations Madeleine! You really outdid yourself this month! Great work!

Jacques Swinger 

January 2020

It is the second year at Beyond Me for Jacques. He and his buddy love working on learning about the different colours and counting! But their favorite activity is going bowling! They went twice already and love playing against each other. Jacques really enjoy spending time with his buddy and has learned so much from him. Seeing him every week has truly allowed him to take a step back from college and just have fun.

Tolga Ercan

December 2019

Tolga's dedication, both as an exec and a mentor, is amazing! He usually plays sports with his buddy, like soccer, basketball, and football, and they enjoy high school musical (his buddy's favourite movie) and re-creating their own musical. Tolga even planned a surprise birthday party for his buddy!  

tolga headshot.jpg

Charlotte Goldberger

November 2019

Charlotte has been participating in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities with her buddy, such as sledding, playing at the park, and watching movies. Keep up the good work Charlotte!


Félicia Proteau- Fortin 

October 2019 

Félicia stood out to us at the bowling event where she was seen to be getting along incredibly well with her new buddy. Way to go Félicia!

Megan Lee.jpg

Megan Lee 

March 2019

Megan has attended almost all the Beyond Me events this year with her buddy and has accumulated an amazing 60 hours of volunteering so far! When she meets with her buddy they enjoy their time together in various ways including playing games and taking trips to Mount Royal. They even did some fun activities together for Halloween!

Madeleine Caravaggio 

February 2019

Madeleine and her buddy have been meeting since October of last semester. They enjoy playing various games together, including video games and hide and seek. They attended the Beyond Me trampoline park event and have been doing a great job at growing their friendship! 

Madeleine C.jpg
Naomi 1.png

Naomi Bolastig 

January 2019

Last semester, Naomi accumulated 36 hours! She meets with Arbin almost every week for 3 hours, doing homework (especially maths and language learning), but also crafts, watching TV shows/movies and playing games!

Selena Yu

March 2017

During such a busy time of the year, so close to exams, deadlines and assignments, Selena has doubled her monthly required hours! She provides a fun routine for her buddy along with her buddy's siblings, helping the family out with dinner, playing games and putting the kids to bed. All stars for Selena's reliability and commitment towards her buddy and his family!

Laurel Stewart

February 2017

Laurel had waaaaaaaay more hours than any mentor has EVER recorded in a month (doubled). She has engaged her buddy in a variety of activities that were both educational and fun! A+ dedication! :)

Chloé Pronovost-Morgan

January 2017

Chloé has gone above and beyond her role as a mentor for this month. Not only has she completed way more than 8 hours she shows persistence and true dedication in seeing her buddy succeed in all areas especially schooling and social skills.

Julia Milosz

December 2016

Julia has shown the most dedication throughout the holidays, and completed the most hours! :)

Emma Lopez-Bessaud

November 2016

Emma has been working with her buddy, Joseph for a while now. She has been very consistent and devoted to helping him at school!

Christopher Bransfield

October 2016

Photo taken at the Biôdome

From the start, Chris already exemplifies dedication, meeting his buddy consistently and logging his hours well. He has also come up some really fun activities to do with his buddy. The Beyond Me Team is impressed!

Herie Sun

March 2016

Herie has shown unwavering commitment to his buddy, having put in the most hours, overall, of all our current mentors! In addition, he is an active participant in our events, showing Beyond Me spirit and acting as a great role-model for his buddy.

Alison Gu

February 2016

Picture taken at Bowling Event

Belal Dahab

January 2016

Picture taken at Science Day

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